• What is the Color temperature of the LEDs in the fixture?

    A: Our standard LEDs have a color temperature of 4000K. 3000K and 5000K LEDs are available on request.

    Note: Lumens out of non-standard COBs may vary.

  • Can the LED fixture be dimmed?

    A: Yes! All our drivers are capable of being dimmed. We do not, however, provide the dimming hardware. The dimmer wires are closed off with a wire-nut during fixture assembly.

  • Can any incandescent or HID fixture be retrofitted for LED?

    A: Sure. In most cases the customer will have to send us one of the fixtures that needs to be retrofitted so we can work out exactly how to go about it.

  • What Voltage does the Fixture/retrofit need?

    A: The drivers are rated between 90-305 VAC. The driver will auto-sense any voltage within that range.

    WARNING: Plugging the fixture into voltage higher than rated may cause damage to the fixture.

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